Holistic Self-sufficiency

The Matrix-Q House Projects are nature inspired and self-sufficient.

It may be a house in town, where 3 or more house-mates live, a farm, a caravan, a dune, sea, or a house village.

Self-sufficiency is achieved through a slow process of transformation of the dependency on the grid (current status) into holistic self-sufficiency (Being self-sufficient in the 9 streams of resources, or 9 capitals necessary to enable a holistic, sustainable, and positive impact-based lifestyle).

In a mainstream language, we would care for the co-living and co-working space to provide all necessary for living, from food, water, energy, safety, medicine, and wealth generation streams of passive income.

The Matrix-Q House itself will become a house of knowledge, where both research, learning, and innovation takes place.

It will host and nurture co-creativity, diversity, and fluitidy. Include gender diversity, and enable collaboration and collective processes dedicated to impulse creativity. Through the use of the Matrix-Q Method, technology, tools, and skills, the house in combination with the human, will create a resilient, emotionally intelligent, empathic living environment, where time, process, and information are as well experienced and managed by the human sensory perceptions, emotions, and empathy of the housemates. 

The house itself is a co-working space, designed for entrepreneurs to thrive, and grow. Home-office is included for each house-mate, as well as collaboration spaces and collective-office space. Including infrastructure needed to store and organize business items and also welcome customers. As a co-working space dedicated to creating a positive impact in the world, it will also care for the work-life-family balance of the house-mates, facilitate health-prevention practices, and nurture a culture dedicated to sustainable living, quality time, and a holistic lifestyle, in which house-mates are motivated to follow their own heart-driven values and engagement for a better world.

As an impact house itself, it supports locally the neighborhood as a demo center and welcomes visitors that want to learn and explore this new lifestyle approach.  Its projects expand to create a positive impact in the community and city that surrounds them. The house-mates establish positive relationships with the city and region and contribute to the acceleration of the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future.

It is a multigenerational co-living space. in which house-mates of all ages can live together. Including families and children, singles, and love partners. It welcomes the natural development of its community.  

The Matrix-Q House projects carry a unique design, and algorithm, that matches its house-mates, and invest in measuring, predicting, evaluating, improving, and optimizing the house systems and designs.

In a few words, the Matrix-Q House projects, in town, city, farm, dune, travel, or sea, provide all the house-mates need to evolve, thrive, grow, and develop a sustainable and holistic lifestyle.