Online & Global Community

The Matrix-Q House Project headquarters is in the Netherlands.

In the city/region of Rhenen, the first project is being organized, and the first pilot community is being built.

Yet we believe in the power of the collective to evolve faster and learn.

We are prepared to share and empower leaders all around the world to utilize the same system.


  • Everyone interested to participate in the Matrix-Q House Project from any location around the world can join us with an online membership
  • Online activities and status reports of the project will be shared via our online platforms.
  • We will also challenge our online community to collaborate, learn about their location dilemmas and culture, and find suitable pathways to solve them.
  • This is our first step to creating an international network of Matrix-Q Houses worldwide, and enabling routes for travel-preneurs, caravans, collaboration, and exchange.
  • As well members of our online community start already the matching process, to eventually join a cluster or Matrix-Q Housemates in their project as an online housemate, a member of a co-living co-working space that is just online participating in the house lifestyle.
  • Most of the time we will have those cases of members of the house project that are not a 100% match yet and need to undergo some steps before being invited to stay weekends or seasons living at the house together with the resident housemates.
  • Other members of our extended online community may arrive for a visit, or live in the surroundings and share the space of the co-living and co-working space from time to time.
  • Our system welcomes everyone and even provides a waiting list preventing changes. If a housemate decides to leave the house, another one already matched with the co-living co-working space will be ready to replace him/her.