The Matrix-Q Knowledge &

Universal Language of Peace


We believe in diversity and inclusion, but such concepts need instrumentalization. 

The Matrix-Q Knowledge offers a universal data-driven language, with nature-inspired math (geometry, colors, and frequency) to enable a real inclusive process, by translating what we are, do, believe, create, and preferences into a unique experiential language that celebrates diversity. 

When we say experiential, we really mean it. This unique language can be experienced with the body, all the senses, emotions, and as well by our human thinking and perception.

Thanks to the Matrix-Q Data-driven methodology we can experience what means to be human in its full potential, and recognize our current status, as a possibility, as a stage of development, that is always in a process of change, growth, and evolution, in a journey towards a future self we will decide to become in every step of the path.

The Matrix-Q Language (Knowledge, tools, technology, skills, methods) is a language of peace, inclusive by definition, as it explores the whole human potential, described with nature-inspired principles.


  • The Matrix-Q House Projects have implemented systems that run in parallel and enable its holistic development (9 Capitals, 9 resources, including the human capital)
  • To enable the human system to work we utilize the Matrix-Q Knowledge, skills, tools, technology, and methodology.
  • Weekly some activities are available for the housemates to join, coordinated to seasons of the year, hormone cycles, shifts, and fractal time qualities. Every moment of the day suits a number of diverse activities. We have a system to choose which one is ideal for a specific cluster of housemates.
  • Each housemate has a Matrix-Q DNA, that changes in time. It holds information about its own personal development (stages and changes) as well as of its own interests and projects being developed, business, profession, and future.
  • Thanks to our data-driven methodology we are able to match the human collective with the right activities and methods. But no worries, realize the Matrix-Q Technology is human-inclusive.
  • It means that Matrix-Q Housemates know the language and methodology very well and collaborate with the self-assessment and select the right activities that match their own feelings, perceptions, and connection with the human collective
  • A powerful combination between data, knowledge, skills, learning, creativity, and human capacity is being built.


The Matrix-Q Akademia offers 36 schools of knowledge, 12 stages of development of a human collective, and 9+ levels of expertise. 27 leadership styles. 729 Gender archetypes. And millions of possible human Matrix-Q DNA Codes.

It means we can not list all the possible activities here but we will give you some examples:


  • Foundation Training and Matrix-Q Akademia Seminars are essential to learning how to use this universal knowledge, tools, data, methods, technology, and DNA reports.
  • Holistic lifestyle activities (Matrix-Q Method): self-awareness, self-knowledge, conscious breathing, yoga, fitness, forest-bathing, conscious sexuality and consent, self-regeneration, health prevention, mental health, happiness at work, quality time, work-life balance, healthy food, water.
  • Creativity & Personal development activities (Matrix-Q Method): dance improv., storytelling, multidisciplinary performing arts, dance improv., plastic arts, and creativity.
  • Actionable Effective Communication (Matrix-Q Method), enables multicultural, multigenerational, and multidisciplinary communication.  (See here why communication is so important)
  • Strategic Management knowledge and tools, entrepreneurship skills and knowledge (Matrix-Q Method)
  • The leadership development program includes both personal leadership, self-knowledge, and team or community leadership (Matrix-Q Method).
  • Sustainable living knowledge, including 17 SDGs, applied to the Matrix-Q House Economy, the 9 economies of holistic capitalism, human circularity, circular economy, and intentional minimalism. 


  • As we stated before, we need to utilize a system that is powerful enough to stand changes, and diversity and include humans in any stage of their lives there are. This universal vessel is provided by a new system based on the most neutral and universal language: of math, geometry, color, frequency, nature principles, and the human condition. 
  • At the Matrix-Q Research Institute, our founder has utilized more than 18 disciplines of knowledge, including neuroscience, emotional intelligence, human potential and stages of development, cognitive science, epigenetics, consciousness, sensory awareness, the biology of behavior, data-driven technology, quality of life, and so on.
  • Our methodology, co-working and co-living co-working space system is gamified, and holistic, matching 97% of the United Nations Standards of Holistic Global Education, the foundation for future global leaders.
  •  With the Matrix-Q Method, we do it all by playing: learning, positive impact, lifestyle, work-life balance, generating wealth, or investing.