Matrix-Q Akademia for Leaders

All members of the Matrix-Q House Project receive the necessary training to qualify as a leader, coach-trainer of a Matrix-Q House Project

The activities and challenges facilitated in the co-living, co-working, and self-sufficient space, build together as well a complete training program for leaders.


We embrace change.

  • Maybe one day in the future housemates decides that it is time for them to move to another country travel or build their own family. Or grow with their companies and move out with their own teams to a new house, farm, or venue.
  • We would like all our members to be able to lead the process of creation of a Matrix-Q House, be able to facilitate all the knowledge, tools, skills, and methods, and use the Matrix-Q Technology in any place they go for any human collective they gather.
  • This is also our approach for a multigenerational impact.
  • As leaders, and coach-trainers, they will be also ready to facilitate the activities and challenges, and transfer the knowledge to the next generations, of team members, house-mates, or even their own children and relatives.


The Matrix-Q Akademia assess the capacity of candidates to apply the information they have received in the field of action. It is a very pragmatic learning curve, in which candidates develop skills, competencies, and capacity to create an outcome next to receiving technical information, tools, methods, and technology.

  • Certificates provided indicate the candidates have completed some milestones attending learning units.
  • Licenses are a sign of the capacity of responsible application, candidates have demonstrated in the field they can deliver. 
  • Labels indicate that a house-project has achieved a level of performance by utilizing the Matrix-Q Method
  • These three documents above indicate also if the holder is authorized to utilize commercially the Matrix-Q Knowledge, tools, skills, data, methods, or technology and in which cases.
  • We utilize a holistic and gamified education methodology to accelerate the learning curve of our members.
  • We learn-play, impact-play, earn-play, work-life balance play, lifestyle-play, and invest-play
  • We match 97% of the United Nationals Holistic Global Education Standards
  • With our data-driven learning methodology, we measure, predict, value, enhance and optimize the human capacity of our members, giving them information for decision-making and their own development.
  • Assisted by the Matrix-Q A.I. engine, and Matrix-Q Omicron Trusted Advisor, we process big data generated by the Matrix-Q Houses learning on the go, improving how we solve challenges together, dealing with inclusion and diversity of the human collective.