9+ Houses


Build Purpose-driven Self-Sufficient Communities

With a theme in common, house-mates use a shared economy

Knowledge, skills, and commitment to creating value for society


In a time of unpredictable change and transition

Knowledge, skills, and commitment are currency

Collective collaboration creates safety and enables sustainable development for a cluster of individuals sharing common purpose, interests, and projects

With a self-sufficient design, a shared economy, and a regenerative wealth (value) generation system

The Matrix-Q House Project provides a committed number of housemates (residents, non-residents, online, travelers, and guests) the opportunity to enjoy a nurturing inspiring co-creativity setting.

Housemates receive as well a complete training program in community building and house project management, including work-life balance, holistic living, regenerative and circular self-sufficiency, personal growth, leadership, and holistic quantum entrepreneurship


The project has evolved since 1999.

We started with a travel house project, as a residency for long term traveler-entrepreneurs

Research on community living, off-the-grid communities, and community building, since 1993 visiting locations in Europe, Eurasia, Israel, & South-Amerika

Combined with research on accelerated learning, self-Sufficiency and entrepreneurship

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem has evolved into innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, leadership, causes, and investment, today Investor-Entrepreneur’s club is dedicated to creating a positive impulse for the following 9+ generations

The Matrix-Q House 3.0 “The 9+ Houses Project” stage now is building an online community (international) and a local community (meetups), starting with training, and self-organization, collaboration activities, to buy, rent or lease a property

At the region of Rhenen, we would like to develop at least 3 projects, starting in the spring


3+ (Depending on the property size, 6, 9+ residents or more in case of tiny house-farm projects)

The count above doesn't include children. See details below which house projects include children or not

9+ Houses by Themes

The House projects are organized in categories, by Themes

(Would you like to suggest another theme that is not in the list below, please contact us)

Matrix-Q House [2] Coparenting (Aspiring co-parents with a child-wish)

With a co-parenting agreement

Theme: For aspiring co-parents that would like to support each other with their child-wish, care for the development of the children, and develop together a nurturing family setting

For example singles with a child-wish prefer co-parenting instead of donor and decide to live together to support each other

Modalities: For women only, gender diverse, mixed male and female, or male only

Matrix-Q House [8] Akademia  (Work-Study)

With a work-study agreement

Theme: Collaborate with the development of Matrix-Q Business Projects

Participate in a hands-on capacity-building program: holistic quantum entrepreneurship

Matrix-Q House Startup [9+] (1+ Teams)

With a cofounder or ambassador agreement

Theme: Lead and develop an innovation start-up

May share the house with own teammates (only) or with other startups teams

Matrix-Q House [6] Positive causes (nonprofit projects)

With a volunteer agreement

Theme: Work on non-profit projects, and positive causes

Share the house with own team, or more than one team lives in the house together

Matrix-Q House [2] Consent (sexuality education projects)

With a coach-trainer agreement

Theme: Develop projects in the field of sexuality education, diversity equality and inclusion, conscious conception, and conscious sexuality and consent

Matrix-Q House [0] for Coaches, trainers & facilitators

With a coach-trainer agreement

Theme: Provide holistic coaching and training services, projects

Matrix-Q House [5] Innovation lab (Multidisciplinary creativity)

With an innovator-creator agreement

Agile Innovation

Theme: Multidisciplinary innovation, design of products or services, implementation of MVP Minimum viable products or prototypes, early innovation startup development

Matrix-Q House [3] Self-sufficient Holistic Living

With a property development consultant agreement

Theme: Focus on making the house 100% self-sufficient, and provide self-sufficiency and terraforming (ecosystem building) design and consultancy

Matrix-Q House [4] Branding ( Communication, Marketing & Sales)

With a marketer agreement

Theme: Develop marketing, branding, communication, and sales projects

Matrix-Q House [7] Data Driven (analysts and developers)

With a data analyst and data-driven tech agreement

Theme: Develop innovative data-driven solutions, services, or products, may as well be engaged in coding new applications, and providing data-driven services

Matrix-Q House [SUN] Performing Arts (multidisciplinary)

With an ensemble and collaborative production agreement

Theme: Develop collaborative multidisciplinary performing arts projects, education, culture, arts, and leisure services

Matrix-Q House [9] Purpose-driven ( Leadership & personal growth )

With a leadership entrepreneur agreement

Theme: Purpose-driven leadership. Members are taking leadership roles at the Matrix-Q Ecosystem. Enrolled in the Matrix-Q Akademia (Belts Program) aspiring for a higher level of rank in the ecosystem

Matrix-Q House [T] Travel Club

With a traveler entrepreneur agreement, or self-employed travelers

Theme: Lifestyle travelers (continues travel for 1+ 5+ 10+ years) share a house together with other travelers-entrepreneurs

Matrix-Q House [1] Knowledge (Research ancient civilizations)

With a research group innovator consultant entrepreneur agreement

Agile innovation

Theme: Study of nature-inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations, multidisciplinary archeology expeditions, create a bride between ancient civilizations and future civilizations with ancient and modern science and technology.

Matrix-Q House [4] Extended Family House

More than one family with children lives together in the house

With a shared economy agreement

Theme: Support and development of an extended family, enable quality time, resilience, multiple co-parenting


The House projects are organized in categories, by Themes

(Would you like to suggest another theme that is not in the list below, please contact us)


Send your story (CV, Self-introduction letter) to welcome@matrix-q.house

Start a conversation via WhatsApp at +31636673380


We build up thematic (purpose-driven communities)

Housemates share house (property)

And collaborate together with the development of one or more projects


Complete an eligibility challenge

Choose modality: Full-time, part-time or a minimum of 12 hours/ week duty in projects

At least 60% of their free time is invested in self-sufficiency development, community resilience, leisure, culture, work-life balance activities


Housemates may have a job, be self-employed, or have a company

For most of the house projects we consider singles or in a relationship or co-parenting

There are two house projects in which children have integrated the project: co-parenting house and the extended family house


The house project welcomes both

Residents (boarding program) and non-residents (do not lie in the house, but contribute to its development online and visit stay in the house from time to time, like weekend retreats

We also receive guests that may stay a few days or full days in the house


There is no age limit so far the conditions below are fulfilled

We also utilize a matching algorithm, to select house-mates that are a good match for each other, in a specific house project

In other words, you decide the age group you would like your house-mates to be


The house project has, and develop its own culture

We aim to be multicultural in nature, as global citizens may be

We also utilize a matching algorithm, to select house-mates that are a good match for each other, in a specific house project

In other words, you decide the specific cultural background, language, or level of multiculturalism group you would like your house-mates to be

The official ecosystem language is English, we also develop projects in Dutch, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Chinese, and soon we will add other languages

You may indicate your preferences, language group


In our modern time gender identity is relevant information for a co-living co-working space

We aim to be a gender-diverse and inclusive organization

We also utilize a matching algorithm, to select house-mates that are a good match for each other, in a specific house project

In other words, you decide the gender identity group or level of gender diversity you feel comfortable sharing a co-living co-working space, or the gender identity you would like your house-mates to be


We aim for knowledge, skills, and commitment culture

Both academic and nonacademic competences are welcome so far the eligibility conditions are matched

A multidisciplinary environment is preferable


Our shared economy system utilizes circular and regenerative principles

We aim to provide our member's shelter, food, water, health, leisure, quality time, work-life balance, and freedom to make their own choices

We utilize the 9 principles of holistic wealth generation, to enable enough resources and income sources for our house members to achieve their goals and enjoy of the quality of life they prefer

We do not discriminate against wealth status, and so far the eligibility conditions are matched

For the nature of our project, a creative, entrepreneurial mindset is required


Our main location is the Netherlands

With a central region around Rhenen

We also develop projects in other locations in the Netherlands, and in the EU

We support the development of projects in other countries, outside of the EU (If eligible: the location needs to fulfill a minimum of conditions)


Need to be familiar with the local culture

And have a schedule with duties in the house project

Participates also in community life, coaching, and training provided

Receive as well a training to become a leader of another house project


Visit the house from time to time

May or may not be online housemates

Participate and contribute to projects from time to time

Receive as well training to become a leader of another house project


Rent of the property, including energy, water, heating, and food

Self-sufficiency costs

Projects costs

Matrix-Q House Project membership (knowledge, technology, skills, tools, innovation licenses, coaching, training, mentorship)


The housemates may choose one of the following

  1. Sponsor agreement: the third party sponsors the housemate
  2. Work-study agreement
  3. Self-employed or entrepreneur (have own income source, and can afford the costs)
  4. Eligible for funding by investors



Build Purpose-driven Self-Sufficient Communities

With a theme in common, house-mates use a shared economy

Knowledge, skills, and commitment to creating value for society


Join this Spring 2023


Send your story (CV, Self-introduction letter) to welcome@matrix-q.house

Start a conversation via Whatsapp at +31636673380


Please inform us of your status, how you plan to collaborate to pay the costs of the house project (See funding options), relationship status, knowledge, and skills background, time commitment you are offering, on a weekly basis, length of stay in months, the free time you will make available for house projects, your preferred activities for leisure time, what do you do in vacations, would you like to live in the house (co-living) or participate remotely, which house project interests you the most, when are you ready to start collaborating with the project, when would you like to move into the property, do you have a deadline to move in, do you live in the Netherlands, abroad traveling, in the EU, or in other countries

With the information you shared, we will tailor-made a presentation

About us

Matrix-Q House


  • We create co-living & co-working spaces integrated into a self-sufficient house, farm, or community.
  • We host collectives of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and impact investors that want to live and work in the same place for some time.
  • Our Akademia provides certificates and licenses for Matrix-Q House leaders
  • We invest in real estate, farming land, property, and city
  • We create projects in towns, cities, dunes, forests, and sea
  • We create strategic partnerships with property owners
  • We create the smart and sustainable villages of the future
  • Our expertise is the human factor behind the sustainable development, co-living & entrepreneurship equation
  • A division of the Matrix-Q Investor-Entrepreneurs’ Club

Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs' Club

The Matrix-Q Entrepreneur Club hosts activities, opportunities, and content for entrepreneurs.

We combine leisure, learning, and business.

We create together a holistic international platform (Ecosystem) for purpose-driven entrepreneurs


We host a multi-service platform provided on demand to our customers.

Customers are both members of our club and non-members

URL visit our ecosystem services https://matrix-q.club/ecosystem/

Most developed business lines since 1993: Matrix-Q Akademia for Entrepreneurs, Coaching-Training; Matrix-Q Research Institute, Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab, Circular Regenerative Design, & Consultancy, Matrix-Q Technology, Matrix-Q Challenge Incubator & Accelerator for Start-ups, Matrix-Q Fund Non-Profit Causes & Legacy Projects, Matrix-Q Human Capital, Matrix-Q Studio, Matrix-Q Quantum Vision Futurist Prediction, Matrix-Q Travel, Leisure & Culture, Matrix-Q Holistic Lifestyle, Personal Growth, Work-Life Balance, Matrix-Q Licenses, Label & Franchise Programs, and others.

Matrix-Q Human Capital

Our mission is to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future, with human capital: entrepreneurs, talents, leaders & innovators

We are specialized in providing human capital services for entrepreneurial projects


Matrix-Q Akademia


It provides fully gamified learning (capacity building) programs.

Data-driven learning-by-doing, learning by solving challenges.

In which the students develop the capacity to think, feel, create, act, lead, and invest with the knowledge acquired.

Our mission is to accelerate the learning curve of our students.

We create a compound learning-effect, to optimize their process of acquisition of multidisciplinary knowledge and development of their capacity for execution.

Matrix-Q SexEd


SexEd is a conscious sexuality education community. We explore new knowledge and paths to cultivate and nurture a healthy, happy, and satisfactory sexual lifestyle and love relationships.

We host a gender-diverse and inclusive community of sexuality educators, coach-trainers, entrepreneurs, and advocates

Multidisciplinary performing arts & storytelling: Ensemble, Akademia, Arts & Technology: Research & Innovation, Club 9 Rhenen

Matrix-Q Sound Studio
We research, create & produce experiences with sound, geometry, color, emotions, and body-awareness
Our products are dedicated to enhancing harmony, regeneration, and balance with sound
We provide energizing, vitalizing, and joyful experiences with sound.